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GOODAIR ROYAL Elegant Silver | Non-Electric Indoor CAR Air Purifier

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Elegant Silver

GOODAIR Royal is a Premium Non-Electric Indoor Air Purifier. It is made from impregnated virgin activated coconut shell carbon, making it the most leading innovative product in this segment on the market. Compared with air fresheners, air fresheners conceal all polluted air with its fragrance. While Goodair royal has the advantage of absorbing all pollutants such as foul odour, chemical gases, fumes emitting while heating the car dashboard. The indoor air is therefore pure and healthy keeping kids and families safe. Indoor air pollution refers to chemical, biological, and physical contamination, it could be up to 10 times worse than the outdoor air. The few primary causes of indoor air pollution include inadequate ventilation, toxic products, high temperature, and humidity. Thus GOODAIR Royal is the best choice for maintaining safe and healthy indoor air in your car. Have a GOODAIR


Item dimensions L×W×H : 10×10×10 centimetres

Specification met : European Standard Certificate

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